Tailwind Air Refund, Credit, Flight Cancellation And Flight Diversion Policy


Boston Harbor- Manhattan Scheduled Seaplane Flights

Ticket value is NON-Refundable unless otherwise stated. Changes may be made up to 90 minutes before departure without penalty although a different fare may apply on the new date of travel. In such situations the difference in fare will be collected. Credit from cancellations is valid for up to one year from the original travel date and can be applied on any route or aircraft charter operated by Tailwind. Flight changes made within 90 minutes of departure may be subject to a 100% penalty.

Prepaid Commuter Books and VIP Books

Commuter Ticket Books and VIP Books (Books)

Books are non-transferable, but can be applied to reservations for the purchaser or any other passenger authorized by the purchaser.

Pre-Purchased ticket books are refundable if unused. Once a ticket has been redeemed from a book, the remaining value is nonrefundable and is valid for 24 months after purchase on any scheduled flight between those city pairs. Tailwind schedule is subject to change without notice. In the event Tailwind materially alters service to/from the city pair for which the commuter book was purchased (eg. Discontinued service or a downward shift in capacity of more than 50%), a refund on the unused portion of your purchase can be requested by calling 212-328-9145. Such requests may take up to 21 days to process.

Scheduled seasonal service period for Manhattan-Boston Harbor flights and Manhattan-Bridgeport Airport flights: 4th week of March until 4th week of November. For summer routes it is Mid-May to Mid-October


See details provided with your charter quote and contract.

SITE Credit

All Paid Travel Credits for Tailwind Air Service are valid for 2 years from date of issue. Unpaid Credits earned through promotional or referral considerations are NON-refundable and may only be applied for the purchase of air services available on this site.

Flight Cancellation Policy for scheduled shuttle flights

Our new build Cessna Caravan Amphibians are fast, direct, and save you a lot of time. It is important to note that they also have weather and daylight limitations when landing on water (our crews and aircraft are capable and certified to take off and land at land airports like any other modern aircraft). Safety and transparency are key values for our company. In the event a flight appears unable to operate for any reason, we aim to communicate that to passengers as far in advance as practical, keeping in mind there are good (but slower) train, car, and airline alternatives between our destinations. All reservations for any impacted flight will be fully refundable.

For flights with departures before 11am, we will notify passengers by 7pm the day before the flight the flight will not operate.

For flights between 11-3pm, we will notify passenger before 8am if a flight will not operate.

For flights after 3pm, we will notify passengers by 11am if a flight will not operate.

We are happy to assist, but will not be responsible for, alternative travel arrangements.

Diversion Airport Policy for scheduled shuttle flights

On rare occasions governed by safety considerations, we may elect to land at a nearby land airport instead of the scheduled water destination on our Manhattan and Boston flights. This could be caused by unexpected weather, ATC, or other reasons within and beyond our control and will be communicated as soon as possible to any affected passenger. In almost all cases, the diversion airports will be the Boston Logan private aviation terminal (BOS) or Westchester County  (HPN) airports.

Should such a diversion occur, passengers will be provided a $40 (Boston) or $80 (Manhattan) future flight credit will be provided. This will cover any charges incurred for ground transport to your final destination.