Tailwind Air's Mission: Cut Travel Times Between Boston and Manhattan in Half (or More)

Total One Way Travel Time: Midtown to Midtown: NYC to Boston

Tailwind Air opens up half day work trips to/from Boston and New York and provides a valuable alternative to existing options

Connecting Boston to Manhattan – Fast and Frequent

  • We create a differentiator in attracting businesses and residents to Boston that desire frequent access to Manhattan.
  • Sensibly priced: one-way fares from $395, and last minute refundable fares at $595. Discounted commuter ticket books and plans will be comparable to last minute Acela and Logan-LGA shuttles.
  • Job Creation – in addition to attracting new business and residents, Tailwind Air will employ customer service, dock and maintenance staff, and base several flight crews.
  • Flights are approximately 75 minutes and provide 40% to 60% time savings over airline and train options.

We believe that an established seaplane service between Boston and NY will create new jobs."

Our Boston Schedule

  • Online Booking is now LIVE 
  • Flights operate up to 4x daily on weekdays between East 23rd Street in Manhattan and South Boston waterfront.
  • Commuter Books can be purchased HERE
  • Taxi at idle power – Tailwind aircraft are exponentially less noisy than Logan jets.

Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibian

8 seats
Range: ~400 miles

Stay In Touch

Call – 212.328.9145 
Want more information about our Boston service or wish to signup to receive updates? Drop us an email at boston@flytailwind.com


We hope this FAQ will help answer your questions about Tailwind Air – or drop us a line at info@flytailwind.com

The Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibian has 8 executive passenger seats.

Operations are from mid-March to early December.

Seaplanes take off and land visually in daytime only (VFR rules) by FAA statute. This means no nighttime or poor weather water takeoffs or landings.